Mortgage Life Insurance

A mortgage is a big commitment. The last thing you would want is your family worrying about how they would meet mortgage repayments if one of you were not around.  Even if you are no longer working, at every life stage, all financial contribution to the family household is critical.  Just think - how would your family cope financially without you?

With Mortgage Life Insurance you can rest assured the cover could help you redeem the mortgage if you were to die during the length of the policy - so your loved ones might not have to think about selling the family home or moving to a smaller property. Furthermore, if Critical Illness Cover were added to this commitment - this would also pay out if you were diagnosed with a critical illness during the length of the policy.


Critical Illness Cover

Any of us could present with a critical illness at any time. If this does happen then Critical Illness Cover could help to minimise the financial impact on you and your family.  In the event that you may need to stop working to recover, the funds received could be utilised to fulfil your mortgage commitment, monthly rent and utilities or even the simplicities of life being the weekly grocery bill - giving you and your family the peace of mind that will be needed at such a crucial point in your life.


Income Protection

When the unexpected happens we know that what matters most is peace of mind. An income protection policy is transparent, easy to implement and tailored to you - providing a monthly payment to help with loss of earnings due to ill health or accidental injury. 


Buildings Insurance

A Buildings Insurance Policy should cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it suffers any damage. It should cover you for unexpected events such as storms, floods, fire, vandalism, subsidence and water damage.

We can help you find the most suitable policy that covers the things that matter most, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Mortgage lenders will require Buildings Insurance to be in place on the mortgaged property you own or let. Not having a policy in place could put your home or property at risk. 


Landlords Buildings & Contents Insurance

It is really good practice to protect property assets and investments with the right Landlords Insurance policy. Unlike a regular residential policy, Landlords need to be covered in a different way and we can help you source the right policy for your Buy to Let investment or property portfolio.


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